Dry Cleaning Solutions

Capacity: 10 to 25 kgs (Two and Three tanks) :

  • Solvent: Perc and hydrocarbon
  • Heating : Electric and Steam 

 For many years EUROMAC have designed and manufactured drycleaning systems which have won world-wide appreciation for their quality and efficiency. The EUROMAC team has planned, developed and perfected a new range of ecologically superior drycleaning machines, of new concept in operation featuring even higher performance characteristics. The result is the EUROMAC C and S range of machines. Models of the range EUROMAC C and S have been designed and manufactured from the reselt of years of experience to be environmentally safe and fully reliable, with reduced working times, high productivity and first class cleaning. These are the very real advantages that machines of the range EUROMAC C and S offer. An advanced research program has resulted in the best technology in a very reduced space, ideal for those shops where every centimetre is of great importance. This of course also means low installation and operational costs thanks to reduced energy, water and solvent consumption, together with the highest quality cleaning results achievable. The models of the line C and S are manufactured with very carefully selected, high quality materials. You will be impressed by the remarkable performance of the EUROMAC C and S range, the most modern drycleaning machines offering the utmost elegance in design and flexibility.

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